You Sure Can Tell its’s “Summatime”....

As we begin the month of June you can already begin to feel it in the air. That’s right ”weebles”... I’m talking Harley’s and Heat, even Cain brought out the Vulcan for the weekend 😂, as it was event after event.

Kingdom Knights Bike Night

“You sure can tell it’s summatime.” and we can start with Friday as the Kingdom Knights held Bike Night down at the Hope Cafe. Lovin’ on “South and Brown where it all goes down.” (Chaplain Bob) doing their “Feed the Need.” Hope from Ohio was in the house and did a remote broadcast of their Friday night show interviewing the ministry brothers.

Kingdom Knights Feed the Need Bike Night at the Hope Cafe.

Photos by Garner Strain

Super Kids Classic

Saturday was a double header, and as I arrived to the Derby Downs and embarked that hill I instantly got tired. I wasn’t ready for cardio this early in the morning and between you and I the Derby should put in a snack cart about half way up, but that’s another story. It was however a real blessing to hang with Cyrus Brown and all the kids of the Super Kid Classic. After participating in the Super Kid Classic Parade Pastor Randy and the Knights were “in the gap” and worked the top of that hill like a NASCAR pit crew.

Cyrus Brown

The Jokes on me...

I would have to say one of the funniest moments was when all the kids are waiting to eat and Pastor put the pizza delivery dude on the clock (refer to photos) and inquired about a bag of Doritos. Unaware of the staffs attempt to not incite a riot full of hungry children, and hot bikers dressed in leather. G-Man says to me “Grab pastor some chips?” As I make my way around the table he says “Don’t get caught.” To make a long story short, I got caught... The best part is, with my hand a 1/4 of the way in the chip box I make eye contact with the staff and she say $1. Dazed and Confused I swear I heard G-man yell “You don’t need to live like that anymore!” 😂

G-Man Memes

It was an honor to be apart of that event, and help put smiles on faces.

Special shout out to those kids in Orange and Cyrus Brown.

#kkmm #abc #Cyrus

Quake on the Lake 3

At the close of the Super Kids Classic my entourage, and I made our way to Craftsman Park. We had the muscle Tyler ”The Tester” Tester riding shotgun and CJ “The Short Stack of South Street” Tice. Who is in the back seat bobbing his head and attempting to harmonize to some Arianna Grande that Tyler had playing on iheart radio. All this while driving a bright red Ford Escape up and down Manchester Rd like a tourist struggling to find the entrance. The only thing missing would be a basket full of kittens and James Corden from Carpool Karaoke.

Our only way in was for us to follow the acoustic sound of Hollywood’s voice on the megaphone 📣 as he ran around the park selling 50/50 raffle tickets. (Which he said he was gonna do the night we shut down the 12th St. house 😂.)

Everything and everyone recovery at PLX. From Don Legg, Phil “Door Jam“ Wise to Rob #chinupchestout Rawlings From the Warriors Project, CBD Oil to live music. A lot of people, a lot of fellowship.

I got to meet and congratulate Mrs. Massa on her nuptials and had the pleasure of watching her strong arm G-man for $3 on the 50/50 😂 as Tiny and I looked on😎

This piggy 🐷 stuffed his face with a “walking piggy” and mingled park side with Eric Snider talking shop. Tugg had everyone in attendance. Let’s face it, he knows how to throw an ex-con a party. Judges in the dunk tank, and breaks in a bag ❤️. Tugg if your reading this next year put a foxy on the menu and call it a “Raunter”💯.

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