She Has A Heart ❤️

Even though she don’t have social and though we got burned yet again or I should say she finally got burned. I wanted to give her a shout out and say that I am proud of my wife.

Not so much for getting burned but for finally caring enough to get burned by someone other than me.

My wife who has been apart of this mission from the start supporting and participating in something she didn’t want to, or care to. She did it because I wanted her to, It was what I wanted to do.

My wife who doesn’t care for addicts, or the behavior of addicts merely because her husband is an addict. An addict who excels at the things that he enjoys doing and usually takes those things to the extreme.

She has seen a lot, been through a lot, and endured a lot due to my active addiction. She has been reminded of those behaviors sitting ringside, over the past 2 years dealing with those same behaviors in others. She has allowed me to invest our money into this mission even when under protest and she never bailed when some tried to be on trash.

My wife though supportive had no love, I’m talking zero sympathy, and a lot less empathy when it comes to addiction and those of us in it.

My wife who I am certain has turned a new leaf. Addiction now hits a little different, and I believe she now has a favorite.

For those that work in the recovery field you may know what it is I’m talking about. For me it was a guy we called Young Rob. The reason being at the time we had 3 Robs in the house and it got confusing especially with my name also being Rob.

Young Rob was the young man that came into our house and when we asked “when was the last time you used?” he replied with “7 hours ago.”

He was the underdog and though he probably should have went to detox and treatment he was placed with us. He was quiet, and lost but he had heart. We knew he was going to be a challenge. For me he was the very reason I signed up for this, and he quickly grew on me.

My wife had her first favorite, the one she would go that extra mile for. The one she took personal. Saw to it she had what she needed and didn’t go without. The one regardless of opinion she brought home from work, literally. We supported her financially, and emotionally for over 13 weeks with the last 6 in our home. Though she won’t admit it she even enjoyed her company.

I think that’s pretty awesome😎💯🙏

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