G-Man “nose” 👃 best...

I have some great brothers in Christ.... Its’s no mystery that brother Phil is the one who sold the 40 year Motorcycle Ministry to Roger and myself the day we hung drywall in the back bathroom of Akron Bible Church. He shared stories of accountability. Stories like “Looking for Jesse Brown” with Tiny (you can see this video AJ made on our YouTube channel). These brothers gave some definition to the phrase “I am my brothers keeper“ and I for one was suited, booted and ready to ride. (With no 🏍 - Sorry Chaplin Bob).

When I take a step back, look at things and remind myself of what Pastor said this Sunday in service about how “God chose me” I begin to reflect on the last 20 or so years of my life, and I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of joy and sorrow.

He has always been there like footprints in the sand...

My mom is a “PK“ so it’s fair to say I have had a Christian upbringing and I am proud to say that I am a Cornerstone kid. Aside from my parents, the Young family reserved no judgement of me coming up and watered💧 the seed that my Grandfather planted so long ago. I have been blessed with the fact that our God has never forgotten me. In fact he chose me and reminded me over the years, yet I refused to listen.

Pastor Randy Baker and the Kingdom Knights

“And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.”

‭‭Luke‬ ‭14:23‬ ‭KJV‬‬


The first time I stepped into ABC was September of 2013 with Scotty G, yet I couldn’t tell you how many times Pastor Randy came and seen me. He would travel that “highway“ from the Summit County Jail all the way to the RIP program to remind me that the Lord hasn’t forgotten me, and though at that time in my life I wouldn’t listen 👂 he just like the Young's would just add water 💧.

(Pastor has me wanting to take it to someone’s body💪 spitting that 🔥)

...trying to be a man of God

I cannot deny the fact that Christ has put me around some solid warriors with a mission and its safe to say I’m starting to not be weirded out at the fact that these dudes say “I love you“ to each other 😂 That it is righteous to love man versus being bitter, hateful and angry.

Though I am convinced Pastor Chet is the wild one and I’m learning to except the fact that Chaplin Josh is a Yankees ⚾️ fan. I’m not quite sure how I feel about Chaplin Bob being a motorcycle 🏍 model 😂 or how long Matt will have me reading out of the book of Psalms. I know I am blessed to be around these Men of Integrity and grateful to learn from G-Man, Cain, the Vanilla Gorilla and proud to be working with Hope From Ohio on this John 15:23 mission.

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

‭‭John‬ ‭15:13‬ ‭KJV‬‬


This weekend we celebrated as a family. We celebrated the life of brother Jimmy Dullen, the birth of Steve Sweely and we managed to scrape up the funds to donate to the Scott Schottenheimer “Get Well Run“ at the Zodiac, and though we were not in attendance we celebrated his continued life in spirit.

Celebrating the life of Jimmy Dullen...

Saturday morning was the celebration of life for Jimmy Dullen. I had the pleasure of making the announcements for the service. Not to many people know this but as a Knights hang around and at the beginning of my discipleship before I was Matthew 18ed by Phil, Matt, Garner and Roger 😂. It was Jimmy who had been reaching out trying to get me to participate in events, checking in with me and attempting to hold me accountable. Phil had sold me and Jimmy and G-Man broke the ice.

My morning was ruff man... I woke up under the impression that the service was at 11:30 AM when it was at actually 11. This wouldn’t come to any consequence if I hadn’t been speaking, and naturally I am running late. Pressed for time knowing what’s to come, my head started racing faster then my heart was pounding. Before I knew it I was on the express way pushing wind like John, Randy and the Knights did on the way to Parkersburg. Or as if I was getting chased by the police 🚔.😂.

Now I’m not gonna say I spoke with pizzaz, and was no where near as prophetic as Pastor Randy. As a matter of fact I was quite nervous, twitchy as if I needed a shot. At some point I even got choked up. On the way to podium coming all the way from the back, I could feel everyones eyes upon me. For some reason the only thing I could think about was Muffins and Poundcake. Those 2 Chinese dogs from that movie “The Campaign“ starring Will Farrell. You know that scene where Zack Galifianakis “Marty Huggins” speaks for the first time and says he was told when your speaking to open with a funny story? The only thing I could think 🤔 to do to woo the audience was to tell a joke. So I proceeded to thank everyone for joining me in my attempt to let Tammy know Jimmy said I could ride the Lethal Threat. Though she never replied to my request I thought it be best to carry on. 😁

(From the left: Muffins, Marty, and Poundcake)

Everything else after that was a blur, I did however recall why I was there, to honor a brother who reached out to me several times while dealing with the blow back and consequences of my active addiction. What better way to celebrate and remember a great man of God than by naming our 3rd Sober Living house the “Jimmy Dullen“ house.

After I was done with the announcement I made my way outside to get some air. It all seemed so surreal and when the anxiety started to subside and I was returning back to earth all I could think 🤔 about was... Food! 🍔🍗

(Jimmy and Tammy Dullen)

Celebrating the continuing life of Scott Schottenheimer...

Saturday at 11:30 AM Trina and the ladies of the the Zodiac on Triplett held a Benefit Run for “Schotty Rotten“ the infamous tattoo artist from Ellet and the owner of my favorite shop Knuckle Up Ink & Supply. Scott who is known for body art, and his wild facebook posts had survived a life threatening aneurism.

The Absent Artist...

I have known Scott since high school, we had study hall together. I remember ✌️ Things about Scott from our school days 1) He seldom came to school. 2) When he was there he was sketching something. So needless to say when I heard he was opening his own shop years ago I was far from surprised. That passion he has for his art, life and all that he does is why the wife and I frequent his shop for our tattoo therapy.

My favorite piece Scott shot a few years back

Answered Prayers...

I first learned what happened to Scott on social media. I immediately called my wife to let her know of his condition. This troubled me so much that I went as far as googling his diagnosis, I instantly thought ”expect the worst and hope for the best” and I prayed harder than usual that night. As I am sure did so many others. Everyday I would stop by his Facebook page in search of an update, and as time went on progress was made and prayer turned to praise. (I know you should praise God in prayer, but that word play was something I couldn’t pass up).

(From left: Scott Schottenheimer and Dane Denham)

Scott gets all Tupac...

If 1 thing is for sure, 2 things are for certain. He made 4938 people smile when we saw that meme he posted with that guy laying in the hospital bed. This is a true testament of Gods will and proof that Scott is all heart. The man is known to play hard and work harder, he loves his family and friends, and is willing to go that extra mile for his brothers. Scott has done something we haven’t seen since Tupac got shot the first time. Rumor has it he drove himself home from the hospital and was seen making appearances that same day... I never doubted you for a minute Scott and I will be stopping in to say whats up.

Celebrating the Birth of Steve Sweely...

(Mr.& Mrs. Steven Sweely)

It seems this weekend was a quick tour of the circle of life, finishing strong at Steve’s for his surprise 29th birthday. An evening consisting of 2 of my favorites - food and fellowship.

How many people can you hide in a garage?

(Chaplin Josh)

I arrived to the party late thinking I missed the surprise. (This was intentional since I didn’t want to be the new guy who ruins the surprise. You don’t live that down, feel me? 😎) 30 or so people piled into his garage at the sound of his bike coming down the street. 🤯 We got him... The expression well worth it 😁 and Andrea can put it down when it comes to a party.

The Repair Shop theme was tight and being a former shop owner I felt right at home, Ohhh, and the cake... Don’t even get me started on the 🎂 This Strawberry and Banana ice cream cake almost came up missing.

(Who keeps making these memes? 😂)

Garner nose 👃 best...

We closed the day making memories and having good times. After we sang happy birthday, we turned up briefly with some Eazy E, and water pong, There was Rogers hairy palm, and Garner nose best. CJ and I would strut up and down Hillside while Tyler attempts to park vehicles roadside. 🏃‍♂️

(Roger Arney and that ice cream cake)

My weekend lesson..

If I was being honest with myself I would say I was nervous at first hanging out in Cuyahoga Falls with these fine respectable people. I have the tendency to not know how to act at social functions because my social functions were never actually social. When I was in them streets going to Cuyahoga Falls was how I went on vacation 😂 (Sheraton Homie) Telling myself “You don’t have to live like that anymore 🛑 and some how I find myself getting overwhelmed with myself 🤯. Making that transition from lost to being found seem difficult and at times have me feeling some type of way. It’s that faith that keeps you pushing. Life is a blessing

(Matt Mace and Andrea Sweely)

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