For The One Who Didn’t Make It (pt.1)

Hope From Ohio in Lawrenceburg Indiana

I had the pleasure a few weeks ago to meet up with Hope From Ohio in Lawrenceburg IN. We attended Aaron Spaulding's 1Voice Rocking 4 Recovery event where I was able to catch these men in action, as they delivered their message of hope.

Lawrenceburg, Indiana

Aaron Spaulding's 1Voice

The family and I embarked on a 4 hour journey to the Baymont in Lawrenceburg Saturday afternoon. Naturally the wife drove and with my back situation I spend the majority of the ride shifting butt cheeks 😂.

Recovery Mavericks

We arrived around 7PM, checked into our room and met with G-man, Cain and Company at Mavericks for a bite.

G-Man and I had the some wings that I thought were mild but as I began to stuff my face I also began to 💦 perspire 😂

At first I thought 💭 eating and hanging with my church family and #sameteam associates would be awkward. Then through the corner of my eye 👁 I saw what appeared to be a piece of bread 🥖 or possibly a spit ball graze one ☝️ of the kids sitting at the table.

It was followed by another, and then another. It was at that moment I knew that the game was on. I wasn’t the only post-pubescent kid at the table and so I started to settle in. Before you knew it things got real💯. Especially when it came to G-Man, allow me to show you.

What you are witnessing is G-Man sharing a straw with his new found love.

What you are now seeing is G-Man‘s new found ❤️ love. 🐮 😂.

As the evening drew to a close it was all smiles from everyone, even as G-Man said his goodbyes to his new utterly friend Which I believe may have been a distraction for Cain to smuggle out a Tupperware sized potato 🥔 salad container full of tea that they managed to convince our waitress to fill.

(A 📦 box fan I found at the end of the hall)

Hot Leather

I will say this about that weekend, it was hotter than a leather car seat in the middle August. So much in fact that I went back to my old ways a jacked a box 📦 fan that was chillin 😎 at the end the hallway.

(Garner and Casandra‘s room)

As I nonchalantly made my way down the hall slightly on some trash and displaying bad behaviors, I recalled Garner saying that he was in room 219. I took this photo of his door🚪grabbing the fan and ⚡️bolted back down the 🏃‍♂️💨 hallway to my room with every step sounding like the 👮‍♀️ police banging on a trap house 🏡 🚪door. Once inside my room I would pretend to be that creepy guy who drives a panel van and text him that photo 😂.

(Jonathon Weirich and James Cain)

Chicago Hope Dealers From Ohio

Now obviously I went on this journey to support my brothers and catch them in action, but I must admit that I was also eager to meet and shake hands with the leader of the Chicago hope dealing cartel Jonathon Weirich. be continued

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