Choice vs. Disease

There are so many arguments over addiction being a choice or a disease,

At first it’s a choice, but then you’re down on your knees.

You cross that line from being fun to having a habit,

You don’t even know yet that you are an addict.

You use every day from morning till night,

Not caring if using will cause a big fight.

You start doing things you normally wouldn’t do,

Like lie, cheat, and steal as long as it benefits you.

All your morals and beliefs go out the window, And you find it harder and harder to say the word no.

You lose who you are and you no longer have a soul,

You finally see the drugs took over and that they have control.

You want it to end, but it’s so hard to stop,

So you do what you know which is go out and cop.

This cycle continues over and over again,

Then you start praying, “Please let this be the end.”

You already lost your husband or your wife,

Some of you even lost your life.

You lose you kids, families, and friends,

But even then it’s not the end.

You woke up every morning and ask yourself why,

“Why am I still alive, I just want to die.”

Living this way is like living in hell,

But you just can’t stop it’s like you’re under a spell.

Some do get out and learn new ways to cope,

They give other addicts strength and hope.

If you think this is the life that addicts choose,

I dare you for just want day to walk in our shoes.

Maybe then you will see addiction is a disease,

So we can end this be controversy!

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