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Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Many of us while in active addiction, running the streets have had many run in with 1 Adam 12. For personally at one time it felt like once a week. So much in fact that today when I get stopped I begin to suffer from instant PTSD and once those feelings subside I do my best to try to keep it light. Heres an example of when I was stopped about a month ago in Springfield, Ohio.

So this 👮‍♀️ 🚓 pulls me over on 224 on the way to get a heater for one of the sober houses. He comes up flash light in hand and says “license, registration, and proof of insurance? Do you know why I stopped you?

I replied “I’m sure it isn’t to ask me how my day is going..”

He looks at my insurance card and takes my ID and registration and says “Are you ok you seemed distracted and you crossed the white center line”

I said considering the current driving conditions the time of day and the fact that he had been behind me, my level of stress, high blood pressure and raised anxiety that I thought I was doing pretty well.

He said do your head lights work?

I said “I believe so”

He then says it was a rhetorical question.

I said “I see”.

He says where are you going?

I said to JC Penny to buy a heater.

He said “ Where are you coming from?”

I said “From dropping a guy off at treatment”

He says Sit right”

He eventually returns and says I normally don’t do this but I am giving you a warning”

I said “😎 cool I normally don’t stop but I had a feeling’

Followed with “You didn’t like the whip game?”

He said “excuse me?”

I said it was a “rhetorical question?”

✌️ Share one of your run ins with the law in the comments..

💯 just happened

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